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[TECH] OPPO F1s: Summer #OOTD

You might be wondering why I categorized this blog as under "Tech" but there's a "Summer OOTD" alongside that title as well ... well my friends, I'd love to share a few outfit ideas best suited for summer indeed, yes, but it's also best to capture them with a gadget that's best-suited to take photos this season. And you probably guessed it right ... I want to talk about capturing the best summer outfits with this chic gadget namely, Oppo F1s that'll definitely make it easy for us to snap & save our OOTDs!

Me and my Bestie Randolf @randolf_0903
Summer Getaway at Bolinao Falls
Who doesn't like to take selfies nowadays anyway, at least once every season? Who's not in any social media platforms? The millennial population overcrowds the social media stream among many forms! Oh ... and I'm still included there! HAHA! So hop on and click after the cut to read more as to how we can savor this summer heat with trendy outfits that match our style; and have the best selfies that show our quirky personalities, captured by one of the best tech gadgets we can find in town ... the Selfie Expert ... Oppo F1s ...



[BEAUTY] My Cosplay & Non-Cosplay Looks with Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lippies (Review)

I must admit; I've been a cosplayer since 2008 and yet I don't own a huge collection of makeup! I only have the basics - 1 eye palette with just 5-6 colors that I got from a train station; 2 shades of blush on in a compact; about 5 different shades of lipstick only; 2-3 brushes for all purpose (blush, eyes, and another one). All these I survived since then ... not until in 2013 when I started getting a few more addition to my makeup kit - from gifts. And last year, I started adding more. I started receiving makeup as gifts mostly, which increased my collection overall. Then I got this set of matte lipsticks from this line that I now definitely love!

Chai Chen's Collection of Matte Lippies!
Sleek Makeup: Matte Me

I don't have all the colors yet from their sets but I definitely love their collections. So far, I got these few pieces from Sleek Makeup "Matte Me" series and Detail Makeover "Matte in Detail" series. In this post, I'll be reviewing Sleek Makeup's Matte Me collection (at least for the 6 pieces I have). I'll reserve my review for the other set in another post. Check after the cut to see how it looks for each color and why I love it! Hop on the next lines for my Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Cream Review with different looks ... cosplay, and non-cosplay, daily makeup looks!



[COSPLAY] With Angel Locsin Out, Who Will Be The Next Darna?

One of the most coveted roles in the Philippines' Entertainment Industry is our local version of the super heroine widely known as "Wonder Woman;" and ours is more commonly known as Darna. While it is inevitably argued that the two characters are not comparable, their similarities are quite uncanny. After all, our local folklore, arts, and comics genre are inspired by Western creations. Darna's a fictional comics character too and to read more about her, check it out here.

Chai Chen (me) cosplaying as Darna

Now going back to the topic ... so Darna has been portrayed by several local actresses in either a TV series or movies. One of the most popular ones is Angel Locsin, a well-renowned actress for her portrayal of Darna in a TV series. She's said to be reprising this role in a big, anticipated movie this year, currently dubbed as "Darna 2017" however, due to her health conditions; which has been ongoing since last year (i.e. it was initially broadcasted as "Darna 2016"), she has officially announced now that she's out of the project. There was also an official announcement from ABS-CBN Management about this, given her spinal problems. And with Angel out of the picture, who will play this role now?



[FOOD] Experience Hogwarts Universe in this Harry Potter "The Nook Cafe" + Giveaway Promo

It's been years since the last Harry Potter flick was shown. Who else doesn't know Hogwarts at this point? I guess most of us in this era now has grown up with the Harry Potter Universe in mind. We've tried to chant the spells, memorize the names and houses, compared the books versus the movies, had love-hate relationship with the author J.K. Rowling when our favorite characters are not favored, we dressed up in similar fashion, adopted the British accent; and many more! We've lived the life mirroring how it's life to be walking down Diagon Alley and be one of the wizards .. or even the muggles! I sure did the same!

Imagine if we could indeed live it more, once again, thru amusement parks set here in the Philippines? I know that there are lots of theme parks already in other countries where peeps can enjoy rides named after famous Harry Potter places as well but here in our country, we're kinda late to adapt the concepts. However, another thing that we surely want to have here is ... you probably guessed it right by just the blog post title ... yup, you're right. A Harry Potter-inspired dining place! And whoooaalaaaa! There is something existing already! Wooohoo!

Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin Represent! Missing Hufflepuff!

It's called The Nook Cafe located at Maginhawa in Quezon City. This isn't the first time I visited the place though; and it's surely not a new cafe now. They've been operating for more than a year or maybe about two (2) years now but it's just recently when I decided to do a VLOG and write about it. That place is addicting! Click after the cut to find out more about it!



[TRAVEL] Intramuros, Manila Educational Tour with our Aussie Friends - VLOG

It's not like I was the one who travelled haha! But I was with the team as ... well, a tour guide. Part of my job is to take care of our clients whenever they are here in the Philippines.

Chai, Sheryll, Ryan, Jing, Todd, Jeff, and Kayci taking the photo at Fort Santiago
As we normally tackle business affairs most of the time, it's best to sometimes, unwind as well and pay a visit to the cultural heritage that our country, The Philippines, has. And since our workplace is in Makati, the Business District; the nearest place where we could go is ... Intramuros, Manila; known also as "The Walled City."

Outside the hustle-and-bustle of the city, we knew we could go to popular tourist destinations here like Boracay (the most popular beach for tourists); among others. However, it's best we kept it within the hours that my clients could spare and did not go elsewhere anymore. After all, we have work to get back to lah~

I wasn't alone though, in terms of touring our clients, Todd & Ryan around. Good thing, our Sales Leadership Team went with us. And given that Kayci, my partner in crime in all the office activities, has been a student in one of the universities in here; he knew a lot about the ins-and-outs. Pronto ... he was our tour guide as well, hehe.

Click after the cut to view more of our activities and view our video blog ...



[BEAUTY] How to Transform to a 1950's Barbie Doll Look? Cosplay Makeup Transformation VLOG

I recently had a film shoot where the theme was to look like in the 1950s era. I was sent a few photo references of the 1950s fashion for costume purposes but I had another idea in mind. Guess what? Well yeah, you probably guessed it right ... 1950s Barbie Doll! I researched a little bit more about the 50's fashion so I can match the look. It was only 2 days before the actual shoot so I didn't have much time to prep as well. It's not like I have a major role in the film though. But I love cosplay makeup transformations so I just wanted to make sure I look the part.

Here's what I did ...

Watch Full Video in Youtube
Click after the cut to view more of the shoot snaps and watch the video ...



[YOUTUBE] I'm on the Weird Part of the Internet ... Who's Poppy? A new Internet Icon Sensation!

As I try to grow my Youtube Channel, I came to this side of the internet where I found a lot of weird stuff ... and characters! My Channel has been existing for quite some time but I just mostly upload random videos. My subscribers were primarily friends and contacts from my Google account since 2005 hehehe. That time, there's still that export option or something, if I'm not mistaken. I had the chance to have my Google contacts subscribe to me and my friends get notified when I upload a new video ... they mostly comment a lot. Fast forward now, a lot has changed in Youtube algorithm as well and getting views and subscribers get more challenging hehe. But anyway, I've been on hiatus for quite some time I guess. I only started getting back to my channel some time late 2015 and started creating content just in 2016, last year. Hope you guys subscribe to my channel as well!

Ok back to topic ... so as I try to venture into more Youtube research and videos related to my content ... I found this weird girl popping out everywhere. I found That Poppy or also commonly known now by her self introduction, "I'm Poppy." That ageless, seemingly young but sexually attractive girl with platinum blonde hair and cutesy-sounding yet monotone voice. I encountered this video by FBE wherein she reacted to some kids reacting to her video called as such as well. And that's really weird ... POPPY REACTS TO KIDS REACT TO POPPY ...

Click after the cut for more details ... So who's Poppy?



[BEAUTY] My 1st Youtube VLOG: Unboxing Althea Korea Beauty Box Review 2017

I haven't blogged in ages! I always said I will go back to this and re-edit my layout and all that but I haven't lah~ But given all the opportunities that come my way this time around ... I guess I will be more active posting here again. I really missed writing and of course, you guys! My blogger friends and readers!

My layout still looks a bit tad-old and not organized but I'll get there! For now, I leave you with my very first VLOG Episode! Yep! I'm try'na do this too hehehe! I've been in Youtube since 2005 but I haven't really put much effort in my contents. But now, I'm really hooked to get better at my content so here goes ...

My Althea Korea VLOG Unboxing Experience

Click after the cut to watch ...




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